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 Today everyone is trying to protect the wildlife. The national media have effectively pinpointed the issue of wildlife protection.  Especially emphasis is on the Tigers ! But where will they live ? In the zoos ? The home of these animals are the forests. They are their natural habitat..

      Habitat destruction and the illegal trade in animal body parts work in randem to push mega fauna. Our best bet is to strengthen protection to sanctuaries and national parks, support and equip the forest staff and restore the connectivity of corridors linking one tiger habitat to one another. Forest products are much more valuable than animal product. They constitute almost 95% of the total forest products. But the theft of these products are not highlighted. No one is interested to highlight this issue.

     Forests are not only necessary for the protection of wildlife but also the whole planet. The life on planet depends upon these forests. At the time of independence , 30 % of our land constituted of forests. Today, that number has dropped to less than 10 %. There are 129,580,000 hectares of wasteland in India of which 35,889,000 are degraded forest land. Well, why should we be concerned about this ?  

The initiatives should not only to protect the forest areas but to create new areas of green cover. The participatory approach to the problem is essential. The introduction of the practice of Joint Forest Management (JFM) where the local people share both the responsibilities for managing the resource and the benefits that accrue from this management.



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