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Institute of Forest Productivity - Ranchi
(An Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education research centre - Govt. of India)


Forest Research Centre has a modern Nursery Complex and a modern Tissue Culture laboratory of Institute of Forest Productivity. It has a complete set of Agronetsheds, Green House and Hardening Chambers. All these are fitted with modern sprinklers and misting instruments. Besides this the centre also has a tissue culture laboratory, a seed treatment plant, seed processing unit, Soil testing laboratory, Composting chambers etc..



The various scientists posted in the research centre are as follows -
Dr. Animesh Sinha (Sc - D) {Center-in-charge}      -     Tissue Culture
Dr. B. N. Divakara (Sc - B).                                         -     Agroforestry & Medicinal Plants
Dr. P. K. Das (R.O.)                                                      -     Soil Science & Nursery Technology

From Left - Dr. Animesh Sinha, Dr. P.K.Das and Dr. B.N Divakara


The Research Scholars

Mr. Anupam  (Under Dr. P.K. Das)                               -      Forest Nursery Technology (Silviculture) & Soil Sc.

Miss. Shireen Akhtar (Under Dr. Animesh Sinha)      -      Plant Physiology  & Tissue Culture


The Jounior Research Fellow

Mr Vishwa Raj Lal   (Under Dr. B.N Divakara)            -      Agroforestry


The major research works going on in the research centre under various scientists are as follows -   

1) Standardization of Potting Media.
2) Composting and Vermicomposting Technique.
3) Tissue Culture raised Bamboo propagation.
4) Lac cultivation on Non conventional Lac Host plants.

5) In vitro propagation of Scheichera oleosa (Kusum).

6) Effectiveness of organic and chemical Fertilizers in improving productivity of degraded  Lateratic Soils.

7) Progeny trials on Gmelina arborea

8) Agroforestry techniques on Mahua and Karanj

    Besides this many more research projects are also going on.




From Right - Dr. B.N Diwakara (Sc-B), Dr. P.K Das (Research Officer), Dr. Animesh Sinha (Sc-C)

From Left - Anupam (Research Scholar), Vibhav (Group D), Shireen Akhtar (SRF)

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