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This story is of everyone - One who has either Moustache or not.

Story of Guru Ghasidas University - Boys Hostel

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There are three types of persons  - Having Consistent Moustache,  other who keep on changing (Confused) and who have finally clean shave. The question arises what is the benefit of moustache and can one look smarter if he is clean shaved? The study done at Boys Hostel of Guru Ghasidas University during year 2000-02 raveled that one might look smarter if clean shaved.


Benefits of being clean shave - More area of face is seen and might look more smarter to other (Which is to be targeted).


Result - 90 % of the boys who joined the hostel having moustache seen clean shaved within 6 month. Some of the examples are given below. Some photographs are not available but their names are also given below. Some persons might be missing in this list.. Viewers points are welcome.


Pawan Singh - Deepak sir ne jabardasti mooch to deshape kar dia to janab ne kaat hi daala.. Ab ye roz ka haal hai (Jaisaa farmaya gaya kaatne ka karan)

Rupesh Kumar Tomar - He has gone in this condition after his shaadi.. (Karan mujhe nahi pata !!) aur kisne kia ye ap khud soch lein.

Shantanu Das - He was told by someone that someone would like his face clean.. But uske baad bhi kuch nahi ..

Kapil Sharma - The truly Aligarh boy in the 1st semester but deviated and came into the flow... afterwards..

Sunil Kumar - Ye janab bahut bahadur hain.. khud hi ek din kaat daala moocho ko aur kood pade maidaan main.. par bhai smartness hi sabkuch nahi hota ye kaun samzhaye inhe ??

Iftikar Rashid Wani - Hai re larkiyaan .. bade miyan deewane aisee na bano..

Manish Pandey - Akhir pandit bhi to shadi karte hain?? Kya karein jab mehboooba safachat pasand karti ho.

Mihir Behra    
Niranjan Panigrahi    
Praveen Kumar    
and many more ......    

And at the last... Aapne kya aisaa kia hai ?? Agar haan .. to kyon kia ?? Upar main se kuch karan hai na ??? Ha.. haa. haaaa..


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