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Scientists of Institute of Forest Productivity-Ranchi

(An ICFRE Research Centre, Govt. of India)

Ranchi Gumla National Highway-23, Lalgutwa, Ranchi - 835303.


Front from Left - Mr Ajab Singh (Sc-B), Dr. V.P Panwar (RO), Dr. P.K.Das (RO), Dr S.Nath (Sc- E), Miss R.Kujur (Sc-B), Dr.(Mrs) M.Roy (Sc-D), Dr. A. Sinha (Sc- D)

Back from Left - Dr. B.N Divakara (Sc-B), Dr J Chandra (Sc-B), Mr. B.S Chandrashekher (Sc-B), Dr. H.C Sindhuverendra (RO)



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