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Guru Ghasidas Central University

Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) - 495009


I completed my M.Sc. Forestry, Wildlife & Environmental Sc. degree in the session 2000-2002 from the Deptt. of Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resources.



Main Gate

Saint Guru Ghasidas

    Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur (C.G.) was established by the government of M.P. in response to the growing need and long standing expectations of the people of Bilaspur region. It was formally inaugurated on June 16,1983 by the then state chief minister Mr. Arjun Singh. The university has been named to perpetuate the memory of great Satnami Saint Guru Ghasidas of 19th century who waged a relentless struggle against social evil and injustice. The achievement of Guru Ghasidas Central University speaks itself, the commendable heights it has achieved within a short span of a decade, and with confidence it is marching towards excellence. Recently an International Seminar on Solid State Physics was conducted by the University that was sponsored by Bhabha Atomic Research Center (Mumbai) in which intellects around the globe have participated.

    The University covers almost total spectrum of higher education, with University Teaching Department and 75 affiliated colleges, Engineering College and a Medical College. The University campus spans over 875 acres of land. The campus surrounded with lush green forest and five kilometers from the city is an abode of peace and intellect.

     Apart from conducting regular Postgraduate, M.Phil. and PhD courses in Physics, Mathematics, English, Commerce, Forestry etc. professional and career oriented courses are given due importance. Courses like Computer science, Information Technology, Electronics, Management, Journalism and Mass Communication are taught. The recent addition of Institute of Technology, Institute of Biotechnology has added a feather in the Cap of the University. The University has one of the most sophisticated computer center, Central library, Hostel facilities both for boys and girls, Guest House, Post office, Bank and a Health center.

Faculty of Natural Resources - Department of Forestry


    Department of Forestry is situated in the Faculty of Natural Resources. The deptt has One Computer lab, Two class rooms, one microbiology lab, library etc. It has a very rich Nursery also inside the campus just near to the statue of Guru Ghasidas.


    The faculties are Prof. S.S. Singh (Head), Dr. S.C. Tiwari, Dr. Rashmi Agarwal and Dr.S.S Dhuria and many visiting faculties. Total number of students admitted in each session is 20. The deptt is offering M.Sc & Ph.D. in Forestry, Wildlife & Environmental Sc. This is the only degree offered in India.


     Studying Forestry & Wildlife is itself a matter of pride. There is always trips to the forest area for the practicals. There we have night stay, camp fire etc. Whole deptt is like a family. Living in the forest area give so much peace to the mind. All fresh air and all the greenery to see around. The call from the wild is the matter of excitement.


    In the course we study about the cultivation of forest products in the scientific manner. We cultivate the Forest crop by utilizing the maximum without the site deteoriation in the minimum time possible. The forest crop consists of Timber, small timber, fuelwood, bamboo, medicines, Lac, Silk, many edible fruits, gums, resins, etc. We also study about the Biodivesity, Eco-development and the Wildlife management.


    The department organized a National Seminar on Recent Advances in Forest Sciences on 30-31st January, 2006 . It was decided that old students Alumni to be formed.  More than 200 delegates participated. Old Students of our department delivered more than 15 papers.  Some of the glimpses of the seminar  are -







All old students of Forestry Deptt. of GGU are requested to submit their address and where they are working. Mail at


Please help to raise our Department to new heights


For Admissions refer to the official website of the university

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